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Want Polish translation?

Guest BlackCath

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Guest BlackCath

Hi there. If you would like it, I can translate Kivan into Polish with no further problems... I'm just a bit bored, I guess. :) Btw, a great mod indeed.

.::sigh::. Yes, I suppose you either haven't finished writing it, or someone has already suggested it, hmm? But still, if you tell me how should I begin it, will be done.

Yes, I know my writing English sucks. :)

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The writing is quite finished, so please, do not hesitate to translate it (to Polish or any other language). It's a good idea to tell everyone at the forum though when you want to do a translation into a particular language to cooperate/avoid double-work.

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mhm... We had example of this when both MM and me started translating Xan... I left it to her, and I will leave Kivan as well - I don't care who will translate him, just for him to be translated. If it is not me - the better ;]. the one and only NPC translation which I usurp for myself is Diriel - and he will be ready in March :)


Btw, call me a stupid n00b (which is exactly what I am^^') but when the dialogues are codded the way they are in fe Kivan&Xan, meaning tra with numeric line-by-line content, it is quite diffiicult to translate. Not knowing the text by heart you may be confused as to what is answer to what and to what is what referring. Perhaps there is a way to go around and read&translate the dialogues in trees, like in NWN1 (and 2 too, I guess), but I have never found a one. Near infinity doesn't work for me; probably I just haven't got the right knowledge-determination for this. That is why I prefer following the flow of conversations in dialogue files like in ID2 NPC or Gavin (at least it was so in the early versions), when I see precisely what is the order of branches in the tree :)


Anyway, the point of the paragraph above is to ask a question: IS there a way to view this dialogues in trees? It would make translating a faster and more appealing job.


Am I even making any sense? =='

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With IWD2 and, I presume, Gavin, we are using the shiny new feature of WeiDU that was added precisely because it was tough to follow the conversations into D after TRA'fying. It leaves the text into D as a commented out statement during TRA'fying process.


I can see if I can re-trafy Kivan, but I am afraid of promissing too many things. I kind of managed to get my plate all full all over again, as much as I was trying to commit to just one thing at a time :) Unless I've tagged TRA files for sound and TRA files alone, in which case I might be far too lazy bugger to put them back into D's and re-traify.


Which version of NI are you using? The latest beta version iirc let you read the modded trees.

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It's very easy, actually.


One of the simplest ways: copy your Setup-Xan.exe to Weidu.exe in your Bg2 directory. Copy O#Xan.d and O#Xan.tra into your Bg2 directory. Now run


weidu --untraify-d o#xan.d --untraify-tra o#xan.tra


in your BG2 directory. Open O#Xan.d and - there you go! :)

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Guest elealyon

This is really an old topic, but I'm curious.

Is this project still alive? Had it been completed or was it abandoned?

I can not find polish translation and it's such a shame. I do understand text, but it looks just stupid - polish and english together.

If it was abandoned, maybe I could continue...

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Abandoned, I presume. I haven't heard from Kelenthial in a while. You might want to give her a shout, she could have some files still. Heh, funny how nowadays we pretty much have historic research as a given in all things BG2

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