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Sarah v1.2 Testers Wanted


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I've done a full test run with Sarah...and I have a problem. The problem is that I couldn't find any problems with her. She ran fine.


I have a few guesses as to why we are having problems with Sarah saying that her uncle is in need and leaving, and also the vampire restoration thing.


1) There is a compatibility problem with another mod.


2) The mod causing problems is Auren


3) Players are messing with the console in a way that could possibly mess up the romance (can this happen?)


4) My game is haunted


I would like to open up testing of v1.2 to anyone who would like to participate. I would appreciate a thorough test with both Sarah and Auren installed and Sarah by herself. Once we have it figured out that it is or isnt these mods causing the problems, we can move on to other possibilities.


Let me know, guys!



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