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Auren v6.1 Testers Wanted


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I'm fairly certain I've fixed the "stutter" (not really a stutter) problem in Auren ToB. Basically I had an extra block of scripting that was firing a talk that didn't exist, as was discovered somewhere in this forum. :)


Anyway, if anyone would like to test the v6.1 version, let me know. If not, or if there is something else I need to address, let me know too.



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No joy.


I copied the new file into the Scripts folder, reinstalled the mod and restarted my saved game. As soon as the party went to a new area, Auren and Nalia turned towards each other and the music started playing. Then I re-copied the file into the folder but didn't reinstall, just to see if that might be different, but I got the same result.


I'm glad to know that it's not a fatal error, so the party can move on to Amketheran (but I'll keep my saved game for testing purposes)

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I think you're right. I'll give that a try.


If you happen to have it, can you PM me the opening lines of the dialogues before and after the no-dialogue dialogue? That way I can be sure when the danger zone has been cleared.

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PM'd you. How did it go?

Apparently, I'm defective.


I copied the file into the folder, reinstalled Auren and tried my saved game but it still happened. So I copied the file without reinstalling Auren and tried my saved game, and it still happened. Then I copied the file, reinstalled Auren and started a new game, but it still happened. At this time, I noticed that I also still had the "no force talk" error even though I had copied that file in previously. So I recopied both files, reinstalled Auren, started a new game and neither fix took hold. So I did a completely new, full, patched and baldurdashed install, installed Auren (and no other mods), copied the force talk and mystery music files, reinstalled Auren, started a new game and still experienced both problems.


At least it didn't burn down, fall over and then sink into the swamp...


I don't know what I'm doing wrong. I'm no modder, but I'm usually decent enough at copying and pasting. Maybe somebody else slightly more competent will have better luck.



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