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DestroyItem() not working


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Does anyone have a good idea why the action


DO ~TakePartyItem("C#AJ0008") DestroyItem("C#AJ0008") SetGlobal("C#AjantisSchmiedetRing","GLOBAL",1) SetGlobal("C#AjantisLoveTalk","GLOBAL",7)~


Wouldn't lead to the item being destroyed?


The DO actually follows after a reply option.The dialogue with the action comes from an NPC that is in the party. The item is transferred into his inventory, but not destroyed.

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The only idea that comes to my mind is that the item is marked as indestructible.
No such thing.


Try reordering the actions so DestroyItem() is last; if this isn't an EXIT transition, try moving the actions to the very last state (run just before EXIT); make sure you don't have any silly typos.

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