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Mod install order

Guest The Noobed One

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Guest The Noobed One

Howdy, first time long time.


Yesterday I decided to play BG2 in a loooong time after looking up g3 and PPG and seeing new mods left and right. Then it all bugs up (namely BG2 freezes when I try to enter the Copper Coronet using the listed mods, not installed in that order - I forgot what order since I've reinstalled about a thousand times).


I'm running SOA + TOB, patched.


I want to use the following :


Quest Pack v23

Banter Packs v7

Unfinished Business v15

Dungeon Be Gone v15


IEP Banters V1.1

latest NPC Flirt Pack

G3 BG2 Fixpack v4

G3 BG2 Tweaks v6

Kivan v8

Widescreen v0.8


Thanks for helping a hapless noob out in advance. :)

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