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Compatibility with TutuGUI


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Apologies if I've missed anything about this, but I've just been playing with both, and


i) as you'd expect, if you install Widescreen BEFORE TutuGUI, it just creates a mess.


ii) if you install Widescreen AFTER TutuGUI, they are (frustratingly) almost compatible, but there's an irritating green bar that appears whenever you select a character or select an action from the bottom bar. I tentatively think it's because the TutuGUI version of GUWBTP10 is different (wider, and with green bar) from the BG2 version, but at that point my understanding of the GUI gave out. If there's a simple workaround, I'd love to know it.


(I got the problem on 1360x768; I also reproduced it using Widescreen to hand-deliver 1024x768. I didn't get it installing Widescreen on a TutuGUI-free install; that works fine.)

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Haven't tested with TutuGUI until now, sorry. (and missed this thread until now, double sorry)


Not a problem.


I've tested a bit more - I can't reproduce my earlier "result" of errors even when hand-reproducing the standard 1204x768 resolution, but I can get it on all other resolutions I've tried, including 1023x768.

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EDIT: This fix is for TutuGUI 1.7, and may not work on the latest version (1.8 at the time of writing this edit).


Did a quick-fix. Actually, my first fix/mod/whatnot that I'm releasing...


Anyway, just a few changes. First, I opened [bg2]\TutuGUI\mosed\guwbtp10.mos and cropped it to get rid of anything above where the green started. Second, I opened [bg2]\TutuGUI\CHU\guiw10.chu and edited windows 3 and 7 which both used the background image. I edited the window size, Y position, and the control positions to reflect the 27 pixels I cut off..


TutuGUI + Widescreen Fix

1. Download the updated guiw10.chu.

2. Replace the guiw10.chu file in the TutuGUI\CHU folder with the downloaded version.

3. Download the updated guwbtp10.mos.

4. Replace the guwbtp10.mos file in the TutuGUI\mosed folder with the downloaded version.

5. Install or reinstall TutuGUI.

6. Install or reinstall the Widescreen mod.

Or, you can download TutuGUI-WS that contains TutuGUI with the two updated files from here.


Was done with a 1280x1024 resolution. Again, let me know if there are any problems, though it is easy enough to fix yourself.

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Could someone test what happens if you minimize the side bars when using this fix.

It should mess up the clock.


I'm allso wondering why the widescreen mod makes the engine ignore the transparency color (green) in this case.


Does the mod stretch the graphis, yes?

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I don't think the widescreen mod stretches anything - and all my fix does is crop out the green then change some variables.


And yes, if you lower the left sidebar the clock doesn't work. Also, the CLUAConsole still has the green.

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After having taken a closer look at what this mod does I discovered

that the palette of the patched mos files changes causing the incompatibility.


Can someone test this file with the widescreen mod?



Copy it to the override folder. Use either a clean install of v1.7 of TutuGUI or

the last version without the partial widescreen fix.


Use a resolution of 1280x800.

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What's the latest word about TuTuGUI+Widescreen Mod?


Should we just download Lordrea's tweaked version of TuTuGUI?


Hasn't anyone tested the file LadeJarl has attached?


Thanks! :)

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