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Romance Varibles etc


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It won't help, I'm afraid: Branwen's romance has been critically bugged since September. You'll have to wait for v15.


If your reputation is higher than 10, you can activate Branwen's romance by typing




and waiting.


Also, check this variable:



If it's 1, it's all right.

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They're not working together: if Branwen Romance is active and your reputation is above 9, Shar-Teel's immediately ends. If Shar-Teel's romance is active and your reputation is below 10, Branwen's immediately ends.


Her match is X#SharMatch, and her "romance is not over" variable is X#SharInterest=1 and 2, but you won't get anything by setting it manually, it is not recommended; you have to let things run their course, first.

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