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Is my install messed up?


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I have a wonderful NPC I am working on and it is in the beta stages but I have a slight problem.


I run the install and WeiDU shows everything installing fine. The debug shows that rather than the mod's d files compiling into DLG, that K#Sarah.d and K#SarahP.d are compiled.


I go to the mod folder backup, and I'm seeing dlg files from none other than my Sarah mod?! (which is not installed!)


I open near infinity, and all the correct scripts and dlg files are assigned as they should be to the CRE. But they are greyed out; no interactive links.


Also, only the CRE gets copied to the override folder.


Is there an easy fix or is a reinstall of the game in order?


Thanks! :)


UPDATE: I've tried fixing all my file names to normal case instead of caps. I also tried deleting backup and reinstalling. Same result. It's almost as if it's not even compiling the d files I've told it to compile at all. I coded the d at 3am, so I highly doubt there are NO errors. But it doesnt show any.


Here is some of the debug. (the part where things get screwy)


Processing 1 dialogues/scripts ...
Adding K#SARAH to internal list of available DLGs
Adding K#SARAHP to internal list of available DLGs
[K#SARAHP.DLG] saved	7 states, 11 trans, 3 strig, 0 ttrig, 5 actions
override/K#SARAHP.dlg copied to BANANA/backup/0/K#SARAHP.dlg, 950 bytes
[K#SARAH.DLG] saved	51 states, 68 trans, 3 strig, 7 ttrig, 16 actions
override/K#SARAH.dlg copied to BANANA/backup/0/K#SARAH.dlg, 4379 bytes

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I'll admit, I prefer Vista over XP, simply because I like the way it is set up overall, and its compatibility with newer systems.


On the downside, as I have learned, Vista is essentially designed with the noobie in mind. So for those who are at high risk for "accidentally" deleting their key system folders, it is a good OS to have because of the new security features.


On the other hand, if you are pc savvy, it can be a bit annoying (ie: Why doesn't my computer trust meeee?!!!) but for the less angry and more patient, it is easily workable.


The other problem with Vista is that it comes on EVERY new system in everyday retail (barring online order systems and of course, custom made systems). So many people want to be cheap and buy a crappy system to save money but their crappy system runs Vista at the bare minimum reqs.


So I guess the advice would be that if you are not building your own system, go to someplace like Dell.com or something similar and get XP on your system if you are not planning to get a fairly good processor and 2GB of ram.


Oh, and the mod will be great!

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