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Dungeon Crawl: various fixes


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Oh, yes, you do.


(Actually, there's just one cool and sexy rogue from Icewind Dale I thought about when I heard you doing that line. :) But it's a bigbigbig role, the mod's unfinished, and... what was I talking about? Oh, yeah, you sound great.)

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Over the past months, I've accumulated a few bug reports, including a non-removable sword in one of the chest in the first new area. Version 3 fixes these issues, providing more smooth and enjoyable gameplay.

Now, that's fast... I just reported that what, yesterday?

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Jason was away from his computer, so I decided to grab power and overthrow him. (I'm actually new PPG administrator, but don't tell anyone: I'm planning to let others know after I take over G3 and BWL and MERGE THEM).


Seriously, yeah, unfinished business weighs on me.

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