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BGQE: information for translators

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There were quite a view language versions for the slime quest (stand alone) mod. The slime quest is now integrated into BGQE, and some changes and additions were made. For all additional quests there are no other translations yet, so I took out all language versions other than German and English.


If you look into the mod folder and the setup.tp2, you see the translations are still there. If someone is interested in translating the whole quest mod, I would be happy if you could leave a note here so I know and to prevent double work.


If wanted, I will post a log of the changes to the slime quest .tra, so the existing translations can be used with less work.


Thank you again to all translators of the slime quest, and I am sure your work won't be lost although the stand alone Slime Quest Mini Mod will be taken off the downloads sites.

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Great! When I saw your name I got ready to mention Zed Nocear, but I see you are quicker than me. :)


I am lazy, so please let me know whether you want to have a change log for the slime quest, as I would have to write it. I think I put the English changes into the polish .tra, but it might be I forgot to change / add some lines.

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Wow, that's great! Thank you very much, Lord Psion, and welcome to G3!


Send them to jastey at web dot de (written with @ and . and without the spaces, of course). I will happily pack a new version with your translations!

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