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PST - graphic corruption in one area

Guest Guest_Mary_*

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Guest Guest_Mary_*

hi again.


if I reach the SouthEastern part of the Hive, the background is black, while characters (PC & NPC) are visible. this only happens in this particular area so far. if I enter any buildings or any other areas, the graphics are correct.

when I first encountered this bug(?), I reloaded a previous savegame and entered the area again, but the black background was still there.

veeeeery annoying ;-(


here's a screen shot:



playing Torment v1.1 with Platters fix etc, 4 CD German version, WidescreenMod v0.8 @ 800x600, Nvidia GeForce 8600 GT with ForceWare v169.21.




thanks for reading,


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