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Repeating number sevens....

Guest Reaper

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Hello there to this community. Bg2 has long been one of my favourite games and I enjoy playing it through now and then when I hunger for a good rpg. However upon preparing to play this time I encountered a rather bewildering error. When I load into the game all my text fields just get spammed with the number 7 as if I'm holding down the 7 key forever. Obviously makes it impossible to play!

Now I installed files in this order: Bg2, ToB, patch for ToB, g3 bg2 fixpack. That's all, and I've done that exact thing several times before on the same windows install and never encountered this problem before.

I've tried numberous searches on this site and the net, and done clean installs multiple times (tried it even without the fixpack just in case and had the same problem). If anyone knows what this is related to or a fix I would greatly appreciate some input so I can enjoy a great rpg another time :)

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I get this fairly often, with several numbers and sometimes punctuations marks. In my case, it's merely a screwed up keyboard (because of use, humidity, dust, too many cat hairs, you name it). Problem goes away by typying the culprit key so it gets unstuck.


In your case, when encountering the problem, try pressing the '7' key and see if your text fields stop typying it. Check both numbers 7 (main and leftside), of course.

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