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Trouble with HLAs for F/M/T


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Hi all,


I'm running the BG2 Tweak Pack (v6) and I'm experiencing some weirdness with the "new" F/M/T high-level ability tables, so I'm was wondering if it's just me...


My character is a F(15)/M(15)/T(18) and I got access to the HLAs quite a few levels ago, but here's the strange thing:


I can select all the Fighter and Thief HLAs no problem, but I can only select the "Extra Nth level spell" HLAs from the set of Wizard HLAs. All the other Wizard HLAs are "grayed out". Originally I though the other Wizard HLAs might have the "Extra Nth level spell" HLAs as (undeclared) prerequisites, but that doesn't seem to be the case as I've now selected all of the "Extra Nth level spell" HLAs and still don't have access to any of the other Wizard HLAs :).


I'm running with


G3 BG2 Fixpack (v4)

BGT (1.05a)

G3 BG2 Tweak pack (v6)

Weimer's Item Upgrade mod (v35)

Weimer's Underrepresented Items mod (v5)

eSeries scripts (v1.8)

Widescreen Mod (v0.8)


I'm not entirely sure about the exact install order of all of these, but I'm sure that the first three were installed in that order.


This particular character has not been edited in ShadowKeeper, but I do have ShadowKeeper and have edited a couple of other characters when experimenting.


Anyone got any ideas for things to try?

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TBH, it might need changing. I can't remember if regular mages can select these HLAs prior to reaching level 18 or not--if they can, there's no reason triple-classes shouldn't be able to as well.

Regular mages get their first HLA at 18th level anyway. But IIRC multi-classes can select them "early".

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