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BG2: Opcode 217 (PW: Sleep, aka Unconsciousness 20HP)


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Opcode 217 (PW Sleep/Sleep 20HP) is hardcoded to last 5 rounds and ignores timing 0 (instant/limited). You can use timing 4 (delay/permanent) to delay the effect, but once it goes into effect it'll still last five rounds. For example, using timing 4 with duration 6 will cause the target to stand there for 6 seconds, then sleep for 30.


I strongly suspect opcode 210 (PW Stun aka Stun 90HP) behaves in the same fashion, as the only spell in BG2 that uses it (PW Stun, spwi715.spl) uses it with timing 1 (instant/permanent). The timing mode is what initially prompted me to investigate opcode 217, as it also uses timing 1 in the only spell that uses it (spwi220.spl, PW Sleep).

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