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Bug Reports v1.2


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Post possible bugs here.





- Post Bodhi encounter/resurrection Fixed! Thank you Nythrun!

- Post Spellhold stutter when friendship is active. Fixed due to me being a dum dum. Thanks to Nythrun once again for having a pair of eyes that is not mine!

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Guest Vivian

Okay So either I have a compatibility problem, or a I found a bug.


Just a quick note: Other mods installed:


Nalia Romance

Imoen romance

Amber Romance


I go about playing a female paladin, everything goes great so far into the story, until I hit the underdark, then all of a sudden, Sarah wants to say something but doesn't, she kind of stutters for a bit. Then I end up having to slowly drag her towards the air elementals, and have her die. I then revive her, she goes through the revival talk, and immediately after that she says something about me promising to help her uncle, which to my knowledge she never mentioned before, and leaves the party.


The first time this Happened, I guessed it had something to do with me importing my charactered from beating the game before (cheap I know, but I like having a lvl 29 paladin fighting goblins in chateau Irenicus). So I started a new character, did the exact same thing, exact same thing happened. Reinstalled, and went through the game once more. Same thing Happened.


So I'm guessing there is a problem with the Imoen Romance mod, because that one seems to conflict with a large number of mods, because of it's large number of changes.

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Guest Roland

WeiDu log:

// Log of Currently Installed WeiDU Mods

// The top of the file is the 'oldest' mod

// ~TP2_File~ #language_number #component_number // [subcomponent Name -> ] Component Name

~SARAHSOA/SETUP-SARAHSOA.TP2~ #0 #0 // Sarah NPC Romance Mod for BG2:SoA V1.2

~AURENASEPH/SETUP-AURENASEPH.TP2~ #0 #0 // Auren Aseph V6.1 for BG2:ToB


After defeating Irenicus in spelhold, Sarah stutters and the romance music plays. I suspect, from other people's discussions, that later she will talk about her uncle (she has mentioned how he brought her up but nothing else) and leave though this hasn't happened in my game yet.


I had thought I was romancing her, but I see no mention of that global variable in shadow keeper and she hadn't talked with me for many hours of real time, so I'm probably not.

I don't remember having the wilderness sleep talk, and I have never met her uncle. I can post global variables if needed.

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Guest Roland

SarahFriendshipActive = 1

SarahPreTalk = 7

SarahTalkFriend = 9


The rest are just SarahComment variables and timers. Timers are at the beginning of the asylum dungeon.

SarahTimerFriend = 585466

SarahTimerPre = 354388

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These globals do not suggest a romance, however the music shouldn't be playing but no talk comes up. I am doing bugfixes at the moment so my question for you is when you say "stutter", does Sarah try to move but then stop? Or is it just music playing in the background but all is normal except for that?

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Guest Guest

Sarah and -charname- are looking at each other, and if you try to make them do anything they will continually pause to look at each other while doing it. It seems like in the friendship path there is a bug that makes Sarah try to romance charname, right after defeating Irenicus the first time. Is there perhaps a romance comment at this time, or is it just roughly that time in the game?

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Does the currently downloadable version fix the stutter bug? cos I'm suffering from it at the moment.



Take two Advil and call me in the morning...


Just kidding. If you give me your email, I can send you the current version. I think I put a thread up somewhere that offered it via PM or email. I'm just waiting for the Downloads to be updated.

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