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Bug Reports v6.1


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Is Auren supposed to disappear forever if you kick her out? (if she joins in SoA, anyway)


But anyway, if I kick her ToB variant out of party (summoned via Fate Spirit), she doesn't initiate conversation with me and just stands there. Talking to her only gives a "has nothing to say to you" message as well.


Her ToB Fate Spirit summoned variant also seems to be rather low levelled. (only level 10 without any exp. boost)

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Guest Guest_Lantier_*

Hi, I'm playing with Auren 6.1 and I've encountered the "music starts but no dialog shows up" bug that people were reporting with 6.0.


I'm in TOB right now. The first time I noticed this was just after I returned to the Pocket Plane after finishing Auren's "mini-quest" in the mountains. The second time was (I think) after fighting in the lich tower in Sendai's Enclave. I just encountered it a third time after beating Draconis.


Auren did interject when we took on Sendai. There's just been no more dialog between her and Nalia (just the music). I haven't see any banter between Auren and anyone else either (I have Imoen and Jaheira with me).


My game is patched. I am running TweakPack, FixPack, Unfinished Business, QuestPack, Tashia (although she is not with us), Romantic Encounters, BanterPack, NPCFlirt, DungeonBGone, Useful Familiars, and IEBanters.


Im SOA, I noticed that sometimes Auren would have 2 banters back-to-back, but I didn't think that was a "bug" per se. The game has otherwise been 100% stable.




(Oh, by the way, I second the suggestion that Volo comment on Auren's future in Saradush--assuming that it's not too much work, of course... )

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Guest Ellipsis

Looking through the .d files, I found some typos.




I guess...I guess she knew needed a good fighter and that she could make a deal with Dadrek.





The last time I saw snow was when I was in Nashkell


N-no man want's a woman with...with such scars.


Of c-course you would b-be, auren!


Yes, you have a definate limp





there really is no other way to Irencius or Imoen





Arguements over leadership


a woman with a sense of rightousness



Also, there were a couple of things that seemed odd to me.


1. In the Auren/Aerie banter in K#Aur25B.d, there's a confusing exchange. It interrupts a conversation about Aerie's wings, and seems to be an artifact from another banter they have in K#AurenB.d about Beregost:


Aerie: Is it...is it nice there?

Auren: It's all right. Weird people come and go through the town, and you always have to be prepared for bandit attacks.


2. It looks like the third reply in AurenPC8-1-1 should lead to AurenPC8-1-3, but it doesn't. Nothing seems to point to AurenPC8-1-3.


Mind you, I'm completely unfamiliar with weidu - this is my first time even reading a .d file - so I might be seeing problems where none exist.



Also also, Auren says "geez" a lot, which of course comes from "Jesus", who I don't suppose anyone on Faerun would have heard of. I found it to be a bit of an immersion-breaker.

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