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They do have rangers in Rashemen, right?


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I've been trying to help Drew update his Berserker Minsc mod, and one thought I had was to change his current title in v3.2 of the mod from 'Berserker' to 'Rashemaar Ranger' (or should that be 'Rashemen Ranger'?). Along with this, I'd really like a custom kit description to go with it. Thing is, this Rashemaar/Rashemen Ranger kit will only be available to Minsc, so the kit description could be specific to him, and wouldn't necessarily have to apply to all rangers from Rashemen.


I've had a search through the Interweb and found some info and maps on Rashemen. This mostly mentions berserker warriors, although the maps do show some forest/wooded areas, so I'm guessing that they would have ranger-types there.


Late last night I made a (really poor) attempt at writing a kit description for Minsc, taking into account his biography in both BG games, as well as the stock kit descriptions for both the ranger and the berserker. Perhaps due to the lateness of the hour, or (more likely) due to my poor lore knowledge and command of the English language, this was what I came up with:


'Hailing from the nation of Rashemen, the rashemaar ranger is a warrior of the woods, skilled with weapons and knowledgeable in the ways of the forest. In tune with his animalistic side, during combat he can achieve an ecstatic state of mind that will enable him to fight longer, harder and more savagely than any humanoid has a right to. Often having barbarian-like characteristics, a rashemaar ranger nonetheless remains wise to the ways of nature.'


This a blatant mishmash of the ranger and berserker kit descriptions, and certainly not something I'd want to use, but I'm putting it here so that people can see what I'm aiming for. I would be hugely appreciative if someone with knowledge of the Rashemen region could come up with something for me that encompasses three things:


The berserker aspect of Minsc's personality;

The ranger aspect of Minsc's personality;

How hailing from Rashemen has shaped him as a person (I suppose this would also tie into the berserker bit).

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Males of Rashamen undergo a yearlong journey to see the world as a coming-of-age ritual they call the dajemma. After this, they're considered adults. This is the most common reason for adventuring among the Rashemi. Some fall into the adventuring life during this trip, but eventually they return home and settle down. Barbarians, rangers, and fighters play a prominent role in Rashemi society.


This information taken from Races of Faerun. That's the only mention of rangers in the region of Rashamen's description. Frees you up to add detail as you see fit.


Happy gaming,


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