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Nostalgic Visit

Guest Greg Hodgson

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Guest Greg Hodgson

Why hello there.


It is I, Sarkyn!


A friend of mine just said to me "I'm going to play Bg2 again, have you got those Ai scripts you developed lying around?" and to my chagrin I lost them I think three or four hard drive crashes ago. So I googled "gSeries" and that led me here to your website.


It's really nice to know that someone picked up the torch and ran with it, and that the AI scripting for BG2 did continue to develop despite the cursed touch of MPrilla. :)


I have given my friend your URL, so that he can use your scripts in his nostalgic runthrough of BG2 + packs. I am sure the eSeries will serve him well.




A pleasant trip this has been... I hope you're all faring well.







(still running gHuman in his real life)

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Greetings Greg,


It is funny, I still have the e-mail from you giving me permission to take the gSeries and run with them.


I bolted on a few new things, but under the hood, most of it is still as you left it.


You did some amazing work with relatively little information, compared to what is available now regarding the engine and scripting.


As I recall, from the stats, the eSeries got several hundred downloads in 2007. Again, great work that has stood the test of time.


Regards and good sailing gHuman,


Eric aka cirerrek

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