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Dynaheir Journal Problem


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I've recently added Dynaheir to the party, and headed to Drizzt to do the Journal quest. I foudn Drizzt and agreed to help him kill the gnolls, but afterwards he just says his couple of original lines about the bandits and leaves, not a mention of the journal. Any ideas as to what could be causing the problem?

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Expected behavior!




The new version of the quest has Drizzt simply setting a variable that brings him back later. If he said anything like "Perhaps I will see you somewhere along the Sword Coast" or similar, it means he liked you enough to seek you out later and complete the quest. Now all you have to do i wait for a bit, keep playing, and somewhere outdoors in the lower half of the Sword Coast (with Dynaheir in the party, and *not* in the same area you met him, because some other mods want to use him) Drizzt will find you.

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