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Widescreen Mod


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FWIW, you can do that yourself :band:

Besides, 202.23 doesn't have any known bugs, so there isn't a rush as compared to, say, shipping with 187. And, I'd like to finalize and use WeiDU 204 (which overrides the "Windows won't let me re-launch the mod" problem).

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Oh, would you be so kind as to tell me how? I did have a look at the contents of the mod, and I was expecting to see something like 'Setup-bg2fixpack.exe' but for WSM. All I saw was 'setup-widescreen.bat' and 'weidu-202-23.exe' so I wasn't sure what to do.


Hmm, are you saying that WSM will eventually be updated to use WeiDU 204? If so, I'll just wait until then and use the updated version.

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