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how do i manually change npcs portraits?

Guest James

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As in Jaheria's or Imoen's? I run Windows and cant seem to figure it out....I only have changed them with mods that do it for me, never manually with my own photos.

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It's very easy to change the portraits. All you have to do is name the files according to the following scheme:



N(NPC's Name, first 6 letters only)S.bmp - the small portrait, size 38x60

N(NPC's Name, first 6 letters only)M.bmp - the medium portrait, size 110x170

N(NPC's Name, first 6 letters only)L.bmp - the large portrait, size 210x332


So, for Anomen, the file name is:




and for Yoshimo:






Once you have your files, simply put them in the Override directory of BG2 or whichever game you're playing.

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