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Golem immunities

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What's a complete golem immunity list? Fear (inc. morale failure, etc.), sleep, backstab, and poison? These seem to be the immunities scattered about the game's golem files.


Here are the PnP immunity lists for the golem types which appear in BG2:


All golems share several traits in common. They are all immune to all forms of poison and cannot be affected by hold, charm, fear, or other mindbased spells, as they have no minds of their own. Certain spells can harm golems; these are mentioned below. Most golems are fearless and need never check morale.


Stone Golem


The stone golem is immune to any weapon, except those of +2 or better enchantment. A rock to mud spell slows a golem for 2-12 (2d6) rounds. Its reverse, mud to rock acts to heal the golem, restoring all lost hit points. A flesh to stone spell does not actually change the golem's structure, but does make it vulnerable to any normal attack for the following round. This does not include spells, except those that will cause direct damage. All other spells are ignored. Once every other round, the stone golem can cast a slow spell upon any opponent with 10 feet of it.


Iron Golem


The iron golem is immune to any weapon, except those of +3 or better enchantment. Magical electrical attacks will slow it for 3 rounds, and magical fire attacks actually repair 1 hit point of damage for each hit die of damage it would have caused. All other spells are ignored.


Flesh Golem


Flesh golems can only be struck by a magical weapon. Fire and cold based spells merely slow them for 2-12 (2d6) rounds. Any electrical attack restores 1 hit point for each die of damage it would normally have done. All other spells are ignored by the creature.


Clay Golem


Clay golems conform to the strategies listed above for the flesh golem except as noted here. A clay golem has a strength of 20 for the purposes of lifting, throwing or smashing objects. They can only be struck by magical blunt weapons such as hammers or maces. A move earth spell will drive the golem back 120 feet and inflict 3-36 (3d12) points of damage upon it. A disintegrate spell merely slows the golem for 1-6 rounds and causes 1-12 points of damage. An earthquake spell cast directly at a clay golem will stop it from moving that turn and inflict 5-50 (5d10) points of damage. After it has engaged in at least one round of combat, the clay golem can haste itself for 3 rounds. It can only do this once per day. Damage done by the golem can only be cured by a heal spell from a priest of 17th level or greater.


Bone Golem


In addition to the common characteristics of all Ravenloft golems (described previously), bone golems take only half damage from those edged or piercing weapons that can harm them. Bone golems are immune to almost all spells, but can be laid low with the aid of a shatter spell that is focused on them and has the capacity to affect objects of their weight. If such a spell is cast at a bone golem, the golem is entitled to a saving throw vs. spells to negate it. Failure indicates that weapons able to harm the golem will now inflict twice the damage they normally would. Thus, edged weapons would do full damage while blunt ones would inflict double damage.

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OK, I've got code to add immunity to hold, sleep, poison, fear, charm, and backstab to the various golem items. Most of them partially had these immunities already, but let's line up the objections and have our discussion.
We already discussed this and suggested it for an OBC in the BG1 Fixroom, for those of you who have access. For those who don't, I'll copy the main bit here:
For Flesh Golems, the Monster Manual says:

Immune to poison, hold, charm, fear and mindbased spells

Never check morale

Immune to normal weapons

Fire and cold only slow them for 2-12 rounds (I guess this is immunity for all practical purposes - don't know how else to implement it)

Electricity restores 1 HP for each die of damage (already implemented with 125 in this stat)

"All other spells are ignored by the creature" - magic resistance 100% I guess?


Helmed Horrors (per Monsters of Faerun):

Immune to 3 spells chose at creation (typically fireball, lightning bold and ice storm) as well as magic missile. Can this be implemented?

Permanent Air Walk/Feather Fall (dunno if these are even spells in BG)

Immune to mind-influencing spells and effects

Immune to poison, disease, critical hits, fist damage, ability damage, energy damage or "death from massive damage" (not sure if we can implement all those)

Permanent See Invisible

Flaming Sword while in creatures grasp (they already have this I think)

Missile weapon use (crossbow is illustrated)

Regeneration (1 HP per hour)


Battle Horrors (per Lost Empires of Faerun):

As helmed horrors, plus casts at 7th level:

Magic Missile at will

Blink 3 per day

Dimension Door 1 per day

Is also faster, has more HP and is LE instead of Neutral

For BG1 though, we only have flesh golems and iron golem spinoffs (helmed and battle horrors) to contend with. I think you would get some raised eyebrows if you made something like this a core fix. Also some would question why you'd give golems immunity to backstab but not other creatures which should also be immune by the same reasoning.
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