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BG1 and BG2 Graphics - Blackout around Items


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Hello. I recently got a new computer, and have been playing Baldur's Gate 1 and 2. My computer is a Core 2 Duo with Windows XP Home and a nVidia 8800 GTS graphics card.


All Baldur's Gate games work perfectly on my new computer, except that there are minor problems with graphics. On the main screen, a black box appears around items dropped on the ground. On the inventory screen, when you put a weapon on the paper doll, then half of the paper doll blacks out.


A blackout area also appears around text on the map screen, and around some spell animations.


The games are playable, but it would be great if these graphics issues could be fixed. Any ideas? Is there a mod that will fix this?

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Thanks so much for your help! For anybody with an nVidia 8800 graphics card, who is experiencing blackout problems, here is how I resolved it:


Exit out of Baldur's Gate 2. Click on your Start menu, and open up BGConfig. Click the Graphics tab. Click the checkboxes for 3D Animations, Use 3D Acceleration, and 32 bit.


Baldur's Gate 2 is now working flawlessly on my machine. I previously encountered this same blackout problem on Baldur's Gate 1, and suspect there is a similar solution. Thank you!





It seems to be known problem with NVidia cards of the 8xxx series. Please check this thread for possible solutions:


IE games and NVidia Series 8 video cards



Hope it helps!



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