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Where can i find Angelo


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Hmmm. That didn't work, did it.


And the funny thing was that when I tested it just now, he didn't reappear, either, and 700x300 was in the middle of a wall.


Maybe EscapeAreaMove("AR0020",573,362,12) instead of MoveGlobal()?

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That's one bit neither I nor SisterVigilante nor twenty of our playtesters have tested, and, indeed, it doesn't work, because EscapeArea blocks MoveGlobal.


Do not kick Angelo out of the party in SoA without asking him to "Wait here", because it is not going to work in v1. I'll add this to buglist.

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Type? No, ctrl+c - ctrl+v works fine

But now Angelo just stands and has nothing to say me ;)

P.S. Just deleted all global variables named ADxxx with SK. Angelo appeared at graveyard and joined without problems. Killed bounty hunters again, then noticed 2 merchant and 2 girls (Sakaki?) at the brige in temple district :D Will i face any more issues or now i can play with no worry?


You'll have to try an earlier save, sorry.

I have no earlier saves :band:

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