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Ways to collaborate online


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Okay, I know this is gonna sound like free commercial time for box.net, but trust me, it isn't.


I know there a quite a few people here working together on mods, which can rather easily result in online organisational problems. Allow me to present a solution, which I'm personally rather fond of.


Box.net (www.box.net) is a service were you can upload and store up to one gigabyte of data free of charge and share it with other subscribers to box.net.

Once it's there, you can use services such as google docs to edit these files directly from box.net and upload it back once your edits are complete.


One new service is to directly collaborate with other users on single shared folders and there contents. This service is still in beta but looks quite usable to me. You can establish groups of users who are working together on files and even establish subgroups of users.


If you feel constrained by the one gigabyte restriction, you can always upgrade your account for a rather modest fee, but it would go too far to post these differences here. Check the website for more info.


Again, this is not ment for commercial purposes, and I'm not beeing paid by box.net :band:

I just think that this service could really improve development organisation for online mods.

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When more than one person is editing the master copy of a mod(we're not talking about large projects maintained via SVN/large companies), things tend to become very ugly very quickly.


I think the maintain copies of the master file in that case, but I'll have to check.

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