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Branwen Romance update?


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I know it's been fixed in the current closed beta at cmorgan's site, but unfortunately, for the users who download BG1 NPC from IEGMC and G3 mirrors, Branwen Romance hasn't been working for four months now, since September.


(Issue: because of mass variable replacement, the romance checked for a X# variable instead of a P# variable; corrected locally, as far as I'm aware of).


As the romance's primary author, I'm rather concerned about that, and I'd appreciate if the issue(which is rather critical for the romance, since it prevents it from starting) were fixed in the new official version soon. Thank you!

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Sure thing. Still working on getting everything rechecked, some new fixes in, and revamping variable usage.


This version will still have the "cosmetic" I_C_T2 errors, but may finally put the REPLACE warnings off the logs - and I have no ETA. Thought I did, but I don't. Probably this week.


Until then, the fix is the CLUA. word.

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... um, one month later?


Folks, I know you're recoding interjections(and, yes, I honestly don't understand the point, since they worked fine in 2005, and they seem to do so still), but rendering a part of the existing content dead for nearly half a year doesn't seem like the optimal solution.

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