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Hi Avenger,


I was creating an area, and during search map creation I have noticed, that the grid is slightly moving up and down. First I thought I have something with my eyes, but no, I took a look again and I found it is true, it is moving. I don´t know, maybe some redrawing problems or such, but here are examples of what I´m thinking:


First opening of DLTCEP, initial Search Map creating:




This is how the grid was looking. Note its position, also the color numbers...


Then I closed DLTCEP, I had to do something else. When I reopened it again, and tried to continue in my previous work, I have noticed the grid is not in the same position like it was before. Take a look on the second image:




Note that the grid is slightly moved down, let´s say about a half of the grid height...


I don´t know is this was mentioned somewhere before, but because I haven´t found any notes about it, I´m posting it now, here... Please, try to solve it, it is very frustrating when you´re creating an area... I must doublecheck everytime I do some change in search map. I have already noticed this before, but I thought this is the way it should be working, so I haven´t posted that time...:band:


Oh, last thing. I´m using the latest version, v7.1a..

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So it means you´ll correct it in the future? I can wait...;)


Avenger, any idea what can cause this...?? I seriously doubt it´s some programming bug...


It is?? :band:


Thanks anyway...

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No, i didn't say i will fix this. Not because i don't have time, but because this is already a 'fixed' version. In other words, i don't know how to fix it.

The source is available, if you fix it, i will gladly apply the patch.

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I can´t, I´m not a programmer... It´s the same like to ask you to fix my area renderings in 3ds Max...:laugh:


Very well then, I´ll take it as is. Ultimately, it´s not like I have any other option either...


Thanks anyway.

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