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Ok, so I ended up reinstalling BGTutu, and that's fine, then I add the portraits and sounds back and begin modding it. I installed TutuFixv18 and TutuGUIv17 and then try to install BG1NPC, I change the destination to my BGTutu folder, and try to install it, but I get an error message saying it has encountered a problem and must close. Something like this happened last time I was installing mods (though I think it was something for BG2). Any idea what the problem is, or how to fix it? Thanks.

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In the case of BG1 NPC, incompetence on my part. I copied a small code clip into a general library, so that it could be shared quickly and easily with other modders, and in the process forgot to check my rear END...


but the real reason is that the bigg is making WeiDU into a very strong assistant for debugging. There will be some pain for modders in the short run, as older mods which have had typos and minor errors (which means they never really worked correctly ingame) have new error reporst generated, but the end result is a. better bug detection and b. a better/more consistent playing experience.


Any time you have one of these, letting us know means the mod gets fixed and stuff works better, so thank you!

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