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v1.1 (beta) bug reports

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Known issues in version 1.1(beta):


-Linda can still be seen in Winthrop's Inn for some seconds after finishing the "Unexpected Help" quest - fixed for next version.


-XP rewards are are too low or non-existant - fixed for next version.


-The kids do not notice whether they really get their toys and sweets. - fixed for next version.



All issues will be fixed in the next version.

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I just noticed I am updating an older version.


I have no idea why an older version would be still in my game folder. I can only share my experience: It's a bad idea to have several versions of your mod in different folders. A very bad idea. :thumbsup:


Other than that, I am working on an update that will include all listed points, including the reported issues in the threads. I am hping on having it ready in two weaks from now.

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In case it was misleading: The new version does not have new content, only bugfixes.

Thank you for your interest!


Until the new version is up on G3, you can get it here (Chose "Baldur's Gate Mini-Quests und Begegnungen Modifikation"):


EDIT: took out the link, the new version is available from the downloads page.

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