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SHS: SHS Welcomes Infinity Xplorer 2008

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Spellhold Studios


Infinity Xplorer 2008 (codename LittleIX) is a new tool to the IE Modding Community, written in C# using the .net framework, by bigmoshi.


Based on Infinity Explorer, by Dmitry Jemerov, Infinity Xplorer aims to be very user-oriented, taking good points from several current modding tools and fusing them into one simple interface.


Some of the features currently planned include:

  • Look & feel to extend on Infinity Explorer's ease of use design
  • Able to view / edit IE file resources
  • Able to work on multiple resources file documents concurrently
  • Able to click & link to relevant resources - (powerful feature in the old IE)
  • Improve dialog fluency
  • Display scrolling X and Y coordinates for area maps
  • Able to personalise bookmarks for important resource files

The intention is to open the floor to generate a list of possible features to improve modding life, so that it would be possible to incorporate them in the program design before going further. To suggest a feature or participate in discussions surrounding the upcoming Infinity Xplorer 2008, visit the forums.


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