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Order to install PST mods?

Guest JD-Smith

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Guest JD-Smith

First thank you for an awesome mod I've been waiting for forever!


My question: Is there a specific order to install PST, it's mods and the widescreen mod?


I've done the full install of the 4cd version, 1.1 patched it, and tested it and it launches fine. I've installed the tweak pack and restoration pack and it seems to launch fine as well.


The problem is when I install the WS mod and try to run it the program just quits after the register pop-up.


Should I be installing the patches and mods in a more specific order to make it all work? Or is there some conflict between the mods?


Also I'm wanting to use the NOCD to not have to use my cd2 to play. Is the one from Sorcerer's place ok to use? If so when in my install process do I use it?


Thanks for any advice.

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Define "quits after the register pop-up". Also, no-cd cracks are unsupported and likely to fail.



Well I run the Torment.exe and the "register your game" thing pops up and i click don't register. then the windows vista pop-up says something like " program failed to close properly, click here to close program"

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Guest JD-Smith
Try again without WSM, you should eventually get a "forfeit" option. After that, try installing again WSM and see if it works.


Hmm, i began reinstalling everything, I tested after patch 1.1 and everything ran fine.

I then installed the restoration, tweak, and the 1.37 fix patch, and the candle quest.


I did not install the WS mod yet and this is what happened when I tried to run the game



Application Name: Torment.exe

Application Version:

Application Timestamp: 388e4c65

Fault Module Name: Torment.exe

Fault Module Version:

Fault Module Timestamp: 388e4c65

Exception Code: c0000005

Exception Offset: 0049bd54

OS Version: 6.0.6000.

Locale ID: 1033

Additional Information 1: ffc8

Additional Information 2: ec441acec4212bd0f8f60bcd51fc4474

Additional Information 3: 9dbe

Additional Information 4: cbf93fb07cd83b9078aa9a8a4b7a87e5


Maybe the problem is one of these other mods I'm trying to use?

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Guest JD-Smith

I hope this helps. I reinstalled everything, 1.1 patch, platter fix pack, resto pack and WS mod at 1440x900 res. I tested after everything and game ran gloriously.


However when I installed the G3 tweak pack items the game would not run.

I attampted to use the G3 tweak uninstall feature to remove the tweaks and this error came up.


" [widescreen/widescreen.tp2] parse error at line 10 column 11-11

near text x parsing parse error."


so this makes me think I'm having a conflict with the WS mod and the tweak pack?

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Guest JD-Smith
Yes, the PST Tweak Pack has buggy components. If you installed WSM before the Tweak Pack (as suggested), you can ignore the error message and uninstall the Tweak Pack. Otherwise, you need to uninstall and reinstall the whole game.



Thanks for your replies they are much appreciated!


I read that the "max hp" portion of the tweakpack has been known to be wonky and I should use the Platter max hp mod instead.

Is it still safe for me to install the other portions? I'd really like the stacking ability and the other stuff.


Also my final question, Is it any less prone to have issues with the WS mod if I run at a 4:3 resolution as opposed to a 16:10 one?


I'm wanting to use 1440x900 and wondering how stable that's been for people.

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