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Lysan Lurraxol

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I've recently started a new BG1NPC game, and I'm playing a more morally ambiguous character for a change. ;)


Anyways, I want a fairly evil aligned party, with maybe Imoen as my PC Elysian's friend. I'd like the maximum and best interaction, and i have seven characters in mind.


My question is, who should I take along for the ride?


Thanks :band:

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Skie and Eldoth have good stuff, SharTeel (romance if male), Kagain (and for a real lark, take Kagain and Yeslick along until they battle eachother and one kills the other), Viconia (but no romance for her, so wait until BG2 for that) and it is fun if you have Viconia and Kivan in party until the big fight, too; but primarily Edwin.


Edwin vs Jaheira is good, Edwin vs Minsc is good, Edwin vs Dy and Minsc (if you can keep Dy and Minsc on long enough to get the battle), Edwin vs... the world. Snarky manipulative comments, powerful mage, completely self-obsessed. Make him female, and you have Viconia on steroids. Make him a male contemporary, and you have the guy who plays Buffy the Vampire Slayer's Spike (or the "old friend" of Captain Jack's on BBC America's "Torchwood" premier episode). Make him female and contemporary, and you have one of my ex-girlfriends, but that is another story.


(Xzar and Montaron and Tiax all have good lines, and some have mini quests. Of these, Xzar's is the best, but Tiax's is fun, too. But my vote for ShatTeel is simply because that is the most morally ambiguous romance in existence, and has a huge set of interactions and even flirts with a little dark side love - the kind where it is more a battle of wills and such rather than mutual admiration. A walk in the shadowsm, not a true walk on the wild side, but extremely well written - it's Domi's.)

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Xzar, Montaron, Edwin and Shar-Teel would make one interesting party, particulary if you mix in other characters as the fifth; If you want a stable party, I'd add Faldorn or Tiax to that, and play with a cleric or fighter-druid, or ranger-cleric or a bard. Alternatively, Garrick is the good fifth for that combo as well.

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