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G3: BG2 Fixpack Belatedly Celebrates Its Third Anniversary with v5 Release


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The Gibberlings Three


The BG2 Fixpack is a WeiDU compilation of fixes for Baldur's Gate II. With the disappearance of Kevin Dorner and the cessation of activity of the Baldurdash fixpack for BG2, several modders form many modding communities began working on a new WeiDU fixpack to address the numerous bugs that have been identified since Baldurdash. This collaborative effort, including the work of modders from several different modding communities, has resulted in a fixpack that currently includes all of the fixes addressed by Baldurdash (including the Game Text Update) and several hundred new bugfixes. Version 5 is the largest update yet for the Fixpack, with over 50 new bugfixes (including two more exclusive fixes for game breakers) added in just this release. Version 5 also addresses previous compatibility issues with the Ashes of Embers, Kivan, and Unfinished Business mods.


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