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replacing NPC photograph


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Of course. Place the portraits of the right size and .bmp format into the override.

Unfortunately I can't look what the Tutu portrait names for the Ajantis portrait would be, as I have currently no running Tutu install.


You are aware that there are some portrait packs with alternate Ajantis portraits?

(I will search for links, if necessary, once my kids stop pulling on my trousers.)

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It may sounds like a half-orc trying to be a spellslinger
I take exception... oh wait, I'm not a spellslinger... nevermind.


There's some more detailed instructions here.


For Ajantis, the two main files would be _jantisl.bmp and _jantiss.bmp in Tutu. And you can also replace ajantisl.bmp, ajantism.bmp and ajantiss.bmp if you want to affect his portraits you see during character creation.


Plenty of alternate portraits in the Portraits or Downloads links above. If you grab them in a mod, you don't have to do any of the manual work above - the installer should do it for you.

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