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Importing character with non-vanilla kit...


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I remember someone reporting some time ago that he had a kit problem when importing his Holy Liberator (Paladin kit from Oversight) PC from Tutu to BG2. IIRC, when he started BG2, his character was back to a vanilla non-kitted paladin.


So I guess my question is: is there any risk that if you use a kit from a mod in EasyTutu, it might not be imported correctly in BG2? Has anyone experienced that?


For example, if I use a kit from Sword and Fist for my EasyTutu PC, is there a risk that when importing my character to BG2 (after having finished BG1), he would be a plain fighter?

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It should carry over the kit providing the kit is listed in the BG2 kitlist.2da.


It might not be if you were using the multi-install tool or if easytutu puts its kitlist.2da in a different folder (a la a multi-install).


Either way...if you are importing you can just choose the kit for the imported character after you import...yes?

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