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I was thinking...and do you think it is possible to us GEMRB to implement a version of the SEPCIAL rules system?


Obviously this would require adding some attributes and editing GUI (CHU/MOS) but I've been there before.


Only other thing is using spells to attach Traits, must be truly Permanent After Death...and non-removable. Relevant Icons would be attached to states.bam (is expandable in GemRB?).





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GemRB also has a 254 slots limit for states bam (because it uses one byte characters).


I don't know what rules you talk about, but if it is a spell based trait system, it will be easy to implement (by any modder).


I guess it will be similar to the high level abilities (except that you will choose them at start).

These kind of things (hla, kits,feats) are all coded in the guiscript level (or set up by 2da's).

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SPECIAL = Strength, Perception, Endurance, Charisma, Intelligence, Agility and Luck.


I already thought about using spells in core BG2 for Traits...the limited states.bam is what stopped me from moving forward as Traits without somekind of easily identifiable record for the character is not really worth it.


But for a TC 254 slots should be more than enough to incorporate 50 or so Traits as well as spell icons.


@aVENGER_(RR) - thanks i'll take a look.

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Well, it would be a different ability set then.

The problem with GemRB is that the creature format is IE compatible.


The binary format isn't quite suitable for totally arbitrary (and customisable) stat sets.

We are also out of namespace for stats (256 stats per creature).


Though, once all the IE engines are covered, we could move on to support some more customisable format.

The Broken Hourglass by JC/Weimer got xml files, which would be an answer (though a bloated one).

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