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Kivan romance

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I have Kivan in my party and I am a female who wants to romance him. But I also have Anomen in my party. I want to be nice to Anomen but not romance him. Will giving Anomen good advice and being nice to him put my romance with Kivan at risk?

Plus, I'm about to enter Spellhold and I want to make sure my romance with Kivan is on track. He hasn't been saying much lately. How do I check?

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Theoretically, no, there is a dialogue that will reset stuff back to normal after Anomen passes his test and his RA sneaks to 2. Practically though, if you are very commited to romancing Kivan, I wouldn't gamble, and interrupt Anomen's romance at the earliest opportunity.


Basically, you can check two variables:

P#KivanRomanceInactive should either not exist or be set to 0.

P#KivanLove should be above 3 (I believe), and best - above 9.


In Spellhold, to be on the safe side, save before talking to Aphril so if the worse comes to worst you could change the variables and talk to her again.


P.S: Kivan has its own fora, this is a generic modding QA subforum, so it's better to ask about Kivan-specific things in Kivan's home forum. :)

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Yes, it's important to keep an eye on Kivan's variables, and you'd do it the way you said, but you're also going to have to keep an eye on Anomen's variables.


This might be a good time to point out that the NPC Flirt Pack offered by PPG offers player-initiated flirs as well as NPC-initiated ones, and one of the choices there is a "Can't we just be friends?" option that will let you break it to him gently. I strongly recommend that.

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