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10 Years of CRPG Romances (well, almost)


Favorite Bio/Obsidian Romance  

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I voted Jaheira for male PCs, though if Dynaheir had been on there she would have got it, or maybe Nathaniel.


Jaheira has always been one of my fav characters, and her romance is very beautiful, because unlike Aerie she's a strong character, she doesn't need constant hugging. Aerie always felt slightly wrong, she was too clingy, and the dysfunctional aspect of that kind of relationship was never, sadly, explored.


Gannayev for females, he's the only original femalerom option in any canon game, all the others are Carth/Anomen knock offs. Plus, he's by far the prettiest :)


Like Kulyok, I don't really play bisexual romances, though I suspect for different reasons. I get very irritated when Bioware tries to be all edgy by having a poorly written and executed lesbian option and no alternative for gay male PCs, or if there is a gay male option, it's basically the female romance with the pronouns changed. I did vote for Sky though, he was rather yummy ;)


Safiya's a favourite of mine, but I've never tried the romance.

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Picking a female romance is difficult for me, as I like a lot of them in different ways. Annah from PS:T would probably have been my equal favourite along with Bastilla (I quite liked her progressions from not really liking you to love, and then to what happens when she

goes over to the dark side

I also liked Safiya's romance, short as it was. I think it flowed well and they managed to make her likeable, even lovable, and still convincing enough to be a Red Wizard.


I would have liked Jaheria's more if she hadn't got over her husband so fast. I understood why they did it that fast, and if she was going to fall for smeone then the PC was in good stead, but it just made me slightly uncomfortable.



I've only played 2 of the presented male romance NPCs, and out of Anomen and Carth, I'd have to go for Carth. Anomen's is better developed, true, but I just don't like him very much.

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1. Annah. I am not yet finished with PS:T, but I am this far. She's great. Fall from Grace is nice too, but I prefer Annah.



2. Sky.



3. Carth. He has to be my favourite ever romance. He's the kind of guy I'd fall for in real life. I'm afraid he might have spoiled me for every other man to come, so to say :beer::) . Okay, I'll probably love many other romances to come too. But Carth is absolutely perfect. Also, I would have chosen Gannayev as well if I could, because I really like him. Sure, he's vastly different from Carth, but still, I think if such a man existed, I think I might (*might*. I feel I'd be a bit more careful with a real life Gann than with a real life Carth, for obvious reasons, even without the dreamwalking.) find him the man for me. I think in both cases what I really liked about them, was that I didn't have to coddle them and always say things the way they liked them. They actually could take a joke, and understand sarcasm. ;)


Mmmh, maybe I should emphasize that I *do* have a firm grasp on reality, even if you might have gotten another impression from the above. But seriously, isn't Carth just great? :band: A girl can dream! :bday:


There'd be some others too when it comes to modded romances. But it's original ones here, after all.




- ;):) :) :);):D:band:

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1. I have to say Viconia was probably my favorite of all the NPCs to romance, not because the relationship was especially good (at times it was downright disfunctional, although I haven't played BG2's expansion), but because it showed how hard the developers tried to make each character feel real.


Viconia's personality and beliefs were often very different from the player's character. They chose to play on those things and did a very good job with them, I think.


Heh, one of my favorite scenes with Viconia is when she wakes up groggy after a night of sleeping deeply (elves/drow actually slept in 2nd Edition of D&D) and she is like, "What? Is it already time to get up?"


It really made me want to go, "No, we're camping here for the rest of the day. Go back to sleep. We'll leave when you are rested." :)

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