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10 Years of CRPG Romances (well, almost)


Favorite Bio/Obsidian Romance  

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Guest Andarian

Is there a reason why Nathyrra was left off the list? Certainly if Aribeth and Valen are on it, then Nathyrra should have been as well. I would have voted for her before anyone else shown, with the possible exception of Safiya (since I haven't finished MOTB yet).

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Is there a reason why Nathyrra was left off the list?

Never mind -- I see that the polls were limited to 10 slots, so there must not have been room for another one.

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What makes the romance bland imho it's because you only got to talk to him about 'personal matters' after you finish a quest or something :) I want more interaction :)

While in BGT and BG2 mods there are... banter packs, flirtpacks and longer LT's :)


Gend in character wise I think he's fine and at the ending atleast he leaves Nasher so he can be with me :D

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Hmmm... Voted:


* Fall-From-Grace (because she is one of my favourite characters and as unique as they go)

* None (not really much choice, besides ->look to the next point)

* Valen (I did not play KOTOR or MoB, so I don't really care for the other NPCs, but from Anomen and Valen the choice was easy. Anomen may be one of the best scores in character development but he is a quintessence of what I perceive as a Man-I-would-have-NEVER-failed-for.)

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I would of liked Elanne had she had any personality Sadly, along with the other potentially interesting NWN2 companions, she got sidelined to give more time to the tedious, painfully unfunny comic relief characters like Grobnar (DIE!), Khelgar, Neeshka and Mary Sue (sorry, Shandra ;) ).


I'm not bitter :thumbsup:


(Though Mask of the Betrayer made up for it all)

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I like MotB so far, but definetly not thanks to the romance. :thumbsup: It would have been nice if they diluted that Cast of Exceptional Exceptions. I dunno, I find that I can only play with Safiya, Kaelyn and Gann in the party if I have Bishop and Casavir along to kind off off-set all these The Onlys. I am considering dropping Gann too, maybe substituting him with Qara or something.

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Yeah, it's BG1 level of development, soundset and presence :thumbsup: I am definetly not up to mounting dialogues for 10 NPCs nowadays. ;) I am barely managing to keep up with everything else, heh.

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Heh, one of my favorite scenes with Viconia is when she wakes up groggy after a night of sleeping deeply (elves/drow actually slept in 2nd Edition of D&D) and she is like, "What? Is it already time to get up?"


Do elves/drow not sleep in D&D 3E and above? That's odd. Can't say that I like it.


On topic: I never finished the Aerie romance (computer issue; lost the entire savegame), but I found myself enjoying her evolution as a character. With a little encouragement, she changes from a naive, immature, and annoying little girl into a confident woman unafraid to stand up for what she knows is right. That's what seemed to happening at the time, anyway. Hopefully, that trend continues to the end of the romance.


I've heard that bad things happen if your PC slept with Aerie, but she seemed to react very positively to it in my game... Know anything about that? It'd be good to know if I decide to play the romance again. I also had a small number of mods installed. Can't remember which ones, but they might have altered the mix somehow.



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