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Kivan romance

Guest jeohni

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OK I've tried checking up on my romance status, particularly with Kivan, but my console doesn't like what I'm typing in. Here is exactly what I have typed into the console:




This is what it says when I type that in:


lua:toLua - argument 2 of function 'GetGlobal' should be of type 'char*'.

Active Stack:

Active Stack:


What am I doing wrong?

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Great! It worked! but my KivanLove is only at 5. It has to be at 10 to carry him over to ToB right?

Also, how do I check Anomen's variables? What exactly do I have to type in to check his romance level?

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Also, I see references to a KivanInterest variable in the forums, but cannot seem to find it in even successful Kivan romance games. Was this variable altered or removed in a subsequent version?

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Okay, the on rest lovetalks after underdark are driven by a different global, called:




The globals that govern Kivan's relationship are:





I made a search throughall the scripts, and there is no global called P#KivanInterest. I used the "Interest" global on IWD2, so maybe I reffered to Kivan 'love" global as such, because they work a bit similary.


Hope that helps!

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