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Spell casting chants translations


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I ran into this posted on another forum and thought it interesting enough to share.


Came across a translation for the BG2 spellcasting chants:


1) Illusion: "Veritas, Credo, Oculos" = "The truth, I believe, with my eyes"


2) Alteration: "Praeses, Alia, Fero" = "Protecting, another, I bring this forth"


3) Necromancy: "Vita, Mortis, Careo" = "Life, and death, I am without"


4) Divination: "Scio, Didici, Pecto" = "I know, for I have studied, with my mind"


5) Abjuration: "Manus, Potentis, Paro" = "A hand, powerful, I prepare"


6) Evocation: "Incertus, Pulcher, Imperio" = "Uncertain, beautiful things, I command"


7) Conjuration: "Facio, Voco, Ferre" = "This I do, I call, to bring you forth"


8) Enchantment: "Cupio, Virtus, Licet" = "I want, excellence, allowed to me"

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