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Guest Narcissa
That's because there aren't any: Aerie and Viconia do not react to this encounter.



There is a new banter with Jaheira, should you go down this road with Ribald.

As well, there are interjections from Viconia and Aerie, should you choose

certain replies in your love talks(hint: if you do not like cream and cushions,

or collars and cuffs, Ribald might get ideas...)-


From Readme


I did actually find refferances to the interjections but not the actual interjections themselves.

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There is a "Lovetalk" with Ribald starting like this: "There ye are, me pretty. I got everything ye ordered - strawberries, cream [...]." There should be one PC reply to which Viconia should react if she is in the party ("Yes, I DO mind. Collars, cuffs, cats?"), and another one to which Aerie should react ("Yes, I DO mind. Cream, cushions, candles?"). Basically, you have to turn Ribald down to get any interjections, it's more like an easter egg and not a regular interjection.


Do you get them if you pick these answers or do they still not appear?

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