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Error (permission denied) in BG2 Tweaks

Guest Immortality_guest

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Guest Immortality_guest

I think ive reported this before, but I cant find my post now...


Anyway, a friend is trying to install the mod in spanish, but he gets this error:



ERROR: problem parsing TP file [NPC_TWEAK.TP2]: Sys_error("spanish: Permission denied")


FATAL ERROR: Sys_error("Spanish: Permission denied")




? :)

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I think you're looking for this forum and/or this topic. Anyway, the author of that mod has gone away, so you shouldn't have much luck getting this fixed.


The fix is to change line 12 of NPC_Tweak.tp2 from


LANGUAGE "Español  (by Saemon)" "Spanish" "Spanish" "NPCTweak/Spanish/setup.tra"


LANGUAGE "Español  (by Saemon)" "Spanish" "NPCTweak/Spanish" "NPCTweak/Spanish/setup.tra"

(BTW, sorry for screwing up the "n with a ~" thingy).


Hopefully Cam will upload a fixed archive shortly.

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