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New Required Quest

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I just played through the Adventures in Child Management And Patience Development Encounter (babysitting in Nashkell).


I started laughing at the third line, and by the infinite coat/water loop I was nearly crying.


I had Imoen, Garrick, Jaheira, and Khalid in the party - I was half expecting someone to comment, when I realized that made it even more funny - the Experienced Band of Intrepid Adventurers, stifling giggles and snorts as the Valiant Paladin struggles to juggle two little children and their various needs and desires.


This is absolutely fabulous.

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Heheh.. NPC comments are in developpment, there are already quite a few ideas for the babysitting quest, but currently work on this mod is on hold until I have some paladin out of my way. I am always open for more suggestions, though. If you have a special idea which of your companions could have said what, please let me know. Ideas I collected were Garrick trying to sing a lullaby and Zxar (I'll never learn how his name is spelled) wanting to magically make them mute..

EDIT: After re-reading your post, I understand you'd prefer no NPC comments?


Thank you for your kind words. You know, actually the babysitting quest only reflects what happens here at home every day...


I didn't get why you called the topic new required quest, though? I was half expecting a new quest idea.

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Nope - just that I have a small set of things that I think are "required experiences" - usually of the sort like the infamous "Boo gets into Jaheira's medecine bag banter" where the BG experience is not complete without it.



I am good with or without the additional commentary :)

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cmorgan: Thank you, I feel honored.


berelinde: Sort of; When the mother talks to the PC the first time, she has to stop to admonish (?) the children. One constantly pulling on the sleeve is a good idea, though. If not that, then at least the usual noise level that increases exponential in relation to the number of kids around should be included somehow. :)

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I thought this mini-quest was fine as is too, despite jastey's comments in the .tra that she didn't know how to write children's speech in English (as I said, I'm sure it's the same in any language :))


I wonder if an evil character would consider running off with the children to "introduce" them to Neb in Baldur's Gate prison. He might be able to straighten them out.


That's horrible, isn't it? Blame it on my coursework. :D

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That's one of the reasons why the quest is restricted to paladins or PCs with higher reputation. You wouldn't believe what ideas came up when I searched for an "evil" alternative concerning this quest... but then I decided against it, for now.

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This quest might not have deliberate NPC interaction, but it had some accidental NPC commentary that was absolutely hysterical.


I'm doing an interjection testing speedrun with Ajantis, Branwen, Coran, Kivan, and Xan, and took a moment to do this quest. After arguing with Susan for a while about the coat, I just gave in and gave them their bottles. Kivan came in with a standing-around-doing-nothing reputation comment "That was a noble deed." I can just imagine how Susan was getting on his nerves.


And then, Xan and Ajantis started in on Coran's womanizing ways, with the children bickering in the background. That, too, was a riot.


And then, while the kids were in the "asking for Mommy" cycle, Ajantis started a banter that was accompanied by his "Helm, give me strength!" sound. I don't even know what the banter was about, I was laughing so hard.


So I guess that, depending on your party, there are interjections enough, aplenty.


It was thoroughly enjoyable.

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