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Kivan in ToB

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I've just started ToB and I romanced Kivan in SoA. I'm at the Seige Camp and he hasn't said anything to me since SoA. My KivanLove is at 13. When's he going to start talking?

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You should actually see the content rather quick.


Have you seen any of the event dependent talks?




Could you tell me if the ToB portion installed from your WeiDU.log? (or post the log's relevant section); I remember it being a bit of an issue at one point.


Did Kivan tell you in the Hells at the end of ToB something to the extent of 'new life, new love?'


Is your P#KivanRomanceInactive not existant or at 0?


Do you have Anomen in your party? If yes, did his RomanceActive auto-shifted to 2, killing Kiv's romance?


You could just send me a saved game and I take a look at the variables, to see if something got messed up a bit. My e-mail is in the ReadMe.

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I haven't heard anything from Kivan since our talk just before the Tree of Life in SoA. I told him I loved him, and he seemed to feel the same way. no wait, he did call me something in the 9 hells, something other than mellonamin. I don't really remember how that conversation went. And although Anomen did pass his knighthood test, my KivanLove kept rising and I haven't heard anything from Anomen, so I assumed I had overridden Anomen's romance with Kivan's. hmmmm . . .


What do you mean by WeiDU.log? I'm sorry, I don't know the lingo. Kivan is still in my party in ToB, so obviously something installed correctly. I only installed one mod for Kivan, so I thought that would cover everything. If I needed to, how would I email my saved game to you?

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Hey Domi did you get my email? the Kivan mod refuses to install the ToB portion on my computer cuz it says ToB is required, but I have ToB installed. I sent you the exact wording. Do you know what's wrong?

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It means that it's checking for a file (25MOVIES.BIF) and cannot detect it. You can do the following:


open your Setup-Kivan.tp2 file with any text editor

make a sreach for 25MOVIES

copy a few lines ajacent to it onto the forum and I can tell you how to comment out the check (or Cam can if the check is using one of them new style constructions).


Or you can wait till tonight, I will get back home, edit the file for you and send it over.


I'll chat with the gibbs to see if they have any other check that is more universal. :)

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OK I've searched the file and I can't find any reference to 25MOVIES. Is that the problem? Also, right at the beginning of the file after the first few lines it says "This is IDS patching for non-ToB installs". Does that mean there is no ToB stuff in the file?

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Nope, that just means that the functions will be patched for the folks who do not have ToB.


Okay, the check is not for the BIFF itself, it's for saradush.mve


The line reads like this:


//The following compiles ToB Files

BEGIN @171

REQUIRE_PREDICATE FILE_EXISTS_IN_GAME ~saradush.mve~ ~ToB Is Required to Install This Component~


What you need to do is the following - add the double slash befor the REQUIRE_PREDICATE:


//The following compiles ToB Files

BEGIN @171

//REQUIRE_PREDICATE FILE_EXISTS_IN_GAME ~saradush.mve~ ~ToB Is Required to Install This Component~

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OK I did what you said and I've installed the ToB portion of the mod. Yay! unfortunately my computer is sick right now so I can't actually play the game to see if it worked, but my computer is going into the shop today so hopefully in a couple of days it'll be fixed. Thanks for all your help Domi! You've been amazing. I'll let you know if it works.

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