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Ok, so what's the easy way?

Guest Kev

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Knowing full well how stupid I must sound to all of you, can someone please just direct me (directly) to a set of instructions that will tell me how to install the most stable version of whatever can be considered the biggest most expansive collections of mods that is avaliable for me to add-on to BG2? I've spent the best part of today and yesterday following the wild goose chase that is the legendary "Big Picture," and i'm feeling pretty depressed about nearly everything now.


So there's no confusion (on your end), i'm not a "Modder" of any kind - I play BG2 for fun, and am interested in expanding the experience. So maybe this isn't the right place for me (i'll admit that it seems that this place is specifically for people who know how to code, but the other places i've found are dated back in 2005, and this seems to be the only active forum).


Anyway, direction to somewhere that will tell me what to do, or some other place that will direct me, or whatever, would be appreciated.

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I recommend you to check these Weidu logs: these installation are confirmed as stable by their users -



(I probably should update mine one of these days, since I definitely remember installing more on my last run).


Basically, I would recommend Unfinished Business, Quest Pack, Dungeon Crawl and Tower of Deception among quest mods.


Keto, Kelsey, Kivan, Xan, Amber, Fade(I think they solved the Guarded Compound problem by now) and Angelo are solid mods for BG2, and there are more in the works.


If you are playing a male PC and want romance/tender friendship, try Amber, Fade, and Tashia. Keto is good all around.


EDIT: deArnise Romance over at PPG! If you are playing a male PC, you cannot miss this one. :)


If you are playing a female PC, try Keto, Xan and Kivan.


BG2 Fixpack here at G3 offers a wide range of fixes, but please, read the compatibility information first.


BG2 Tweaks here at G3 is a great all-around resource.


Romantic Encounters offer additional romantic opportunities.


Banter Pack and Flirt Packs are a must-have for me; I enjoy both mods a lot, and they are stable, too. Well, everything I mentioned here should be stable.



And, as Rabain has already said, the modlist has everything.

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