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Icon Shadow Color Replace


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I didn't have any luck finding this via the search, so here goes...


I'm trying to do some work with the IE item icons in BAM Workshop, but any frame exports I do have that annoying pink color for the shadows. I can easily just replace that color with the proper one, but does anyone know what the appropriate color should be? Is it just a straight black (#000000) or some dark grey variant? Also, does the color vary from icon to icon or can the pink shadow color always be replaced by the proper color across all icons?


Any help would be appreciated.

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This is likely a bug in BAM Workshop. I just replace the pink with black, or a dark grey so close to black the difference isn't worth noting (except just to differentiate it from any true black already in the icon). Other BAMmers I've talked to have advised the same. It's a real pain for ground BAMs where you have to replace the pink with the cyan for the "selection" colour, but even that's easy once you get the hang of it (edit: you just have to do it in DLTCEP since BAM Workshop won't be able to accomodate that edit).

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