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Just found this mod!


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I only just came across this this morning, and what an amazing way to start your day! :D I had no idea anything like this had been made for IWD2. I enjoyed the game when it came out, but as I am a Bhaalspawn at heart, I really missed the party banter and interaction and I abandoned it halfway through.


So this is like a dream come true. I'm especially looking forward to the romances. Rizdaer especially looks rather yummy, and makes me happy as I never could wait until the Underdark to get that other romanceable drow into my party. I can't quite imagine how the Jaemal romance would work - yet - but I look forward to being surprised.


Now I'm just thinking who to take in my first party - I generally play a bard but it looks wise to take Salomeya along - so...


PC - Rogue

Rizdaer - Fighter

Diriel - Druid

Salomeya - Bard

Peony - Illusionist


Jaemal or Valeero?


Is that being rogue heavy? I'd also like to take Hildury but would hate to split her from Nord (Order of the Most Radiant Heart! :)) And I'm worried about not enough healers. So many characters to choose from! It's the BG2 NPC scenario all over again, which made party planning both a blessing and a curse. But more a blessing, really.


I do believe you've made my day, Domi! :)

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I'd say that with this party you would want to take Jaemal; Valeero works the best with Nikosh, Nord and Hildury, I find, though she has a bunch of cool stuff going on with Peony and Diriel :)


I'd suggest that you only take a few levels of a rogue - IWD2 does not imo require a full rogue, and invest the rest of your levels in a cleric or a fighter if Dririel doesn't have enough healing. Or you can give Peony or Salomeya a few levels of a rogue and make your PC someone else :D

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