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Fixed: G3 v4 Installer


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Gah! Sorry about that. Should be fixed now if you'd like to download again.


Alternatively, open G3Tweaks.tp2 in a text editor (Notepad will do) and find this section:

 ~English~ ~english~ ~G3Tweaks/english/setup.tra~
 ~Polish (Translation by Evendur)~ ~polish~ ~G3Tweaks/polish/setup.tra~
 ~French (Translation by Elgaern the Dragon Slayer)~ ~french~ ~G3Tweaks/french/setup.tra~

It'll be near the top. Once you found it, change it to look like this:

LANGUAGE ~English~ ~english~ ~G3Tweaks/english/setup.tra~
LANGUAGE ~Polish (Translation by Evendur)~ ~polish~ ~G3Tweaks/polish/setup.tra~
LANGUAGE ~French (Translation by Elgaern the Dragon Slayer)~ ~french~ ~G3Tweaks/french/setup.tra~

Then save the file and run Setup-G3Tweaks.exe.

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