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A Good Ranger Build


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Heya, I was wondering if the power-gaming aces could suggest a good build for a ranger, female, half-elven for me? No extreme min-maxing, though, if possible, I want her Inteligence and Charisma set to at least 10.


Thank you!

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Here's the same answer I gave you on GameBanshee. :)


Str: 12

Dex: 16

Con: 14

Int: 10

Wis: 12

Cha: 12


Weapon Finesse with Small Blades and NG or LG alignment.

I used this build plenty of times. 12 Charisma is for Animal Empathy skill and because for roleplaying purposes half-elves are good looking.

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Studded leather is a must for the use of dual-wielding abilities. Since she's more of a dexterity based character, bringing her to 18 Dex should be the priority. After that you can work on her Con.

Racial enemies. Orcs would do for start, followed by Giants, Trolls and Undead. Alternatively, Giants could be picked from the start.

As for her weapons, small blades are just good for start. Later on, longsword (or scimitar) and one small blade in the off-hand. A longbow should be also in her inventory for backup (getting past crystal golems can be hard without Impact Arrows).

I would advise against dual classing her. For powergaming purposes she could be dual-classed to a paladin if she's LG.

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Heh. I am actually thinking NWN2, and more in terms of 'if I were to go completely off my rocker....' As I said, I don't want to promise anything right now. Just trying to think about my moding future (grim occupation, I know.) And I love you all too. :)

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